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Event and Band Schedule

There will be fifteen minute breaks between acts to change over.

Friday July 14th

RV Parking Opens

Friday 9:00 AM

Tent Campground Opens

Friday 10:00 AM

First Shuttle Leaves Wild Hare (Canby)

Friday 3:00 PM

Gates Open

Friday 4:00 PM

Same Ol' Situation

Motley Crue Tribute

Friday 5:45 PM

You may have seen them at Harefest 6, but this year's SOS is a whole new ballgame (Vince Neil himself can't do Vince as well as their new singer).

Petty Fever

Tom Petty Tribute

Friday 6:45 PM

2016 Hollywood FAME 'Career Achievement As Tribute Artist' award recipient (and 2-time LA Music Awards "Tribute Band of The Year" winner), this stunning salute to Petty & the Heartbreakers has performed for enthusiastic audiences worldwide, and they always leave them craving more.


Metallica Tribute

Friday 7:50 PM

From the early thrash of KILL 'EM ALL to the straight-forward rocking of HARDWIRED, these guys eat/sleep/breath all that is... The Mighty Metallica. Grab a selfie before their set, because your face is about to be melted...

Stone In Love

Journey Tribute

Friday 8:55 PM

They deliver faithful renditions of the classic hits from one of the most beloved rock groups of all time, including all the hallmarks of the Journey sound - soaring lead vocals, lush four-part harmonies, signature guitar licks, fat keyboards, and driving rhythms.

Appetite for Deception

Guns 'N' Roses Tribute

Friday 10:05 PM

Hands-down, without-a-doubt, UNDISPUTED most authentic Guns N' Roses tribute band in the world. They were featured on the 2016 season of AXS TV's 'World's Greatest Tribute Bands' and for good reason.


Def Leppard Tribute

Friday 11:15 PM

One of the 2 bands this year that have been featured on AXS TV's 'World's Greatest Tribute Bands' and the ONLY tribute promoted by Def Leppard themselves.

Grand Royale

Beastie Boys Tribute

12:30 AM

Not only do these guys embody 3 bad brothers you know so well, they do it with a LIVE 4-piece band. It's time to get ILL!

Last Shuttle leaves for the Wild Hare

2:00 AM


Saturday July 15th

Breakfast by Ebner's (Tent Campsite)

Saturday 8:00 AM

First Shuttle Leaves Wild Hare (Canby)

Saturday 12:00 PM

Gates Open

Saturday 1:00 PM


Poison Tribute

Saturday 2:00 PM

Celebrate the glory days (the 1st three albums) of the most entertaining party band of all time, Poison.


The Who Tribute

Saturday 2:50 PM

The members of Ramble On Led Zep tribute pull double duty to perform the music of another multi-generational, iconic band.

Washed In Black

Pearl Jam Tribute

Saturday 3:50 PM

Expect nothing less than a full concert experience that captures the sound, spirit, and intensity of one of the most influential bands that emerged during a bold new era in rock.


Van Halen Tribute

Saturday 4:55 PM

Unchained is all about Diamond Dave-era, guitar-driven, whiskey-soaked Van Halen! Prepare for flying kicks, six-string pyro and some of the greatest rock & roll songs in the history of the sport!


Scorpions Tribute

Saturday 6:00 PM

Lovedrive features one the most eerily accurate tribute singers you've ever laid ears on. And what Larry Smith does for the vocals, the rest of the band matches in the music. The signature twin-guitar leads and the meaty rock grooves that anchor the Scorpions sound is all there.

Ramble On

Led Zeppelin Tribute

Saturday 7:05 PM

This band authentically captures the raw energy and mystique of the Zep legacy, attending to detail and balancing classic vinyl recordings with live performance.

Barracuda / All Fired Up

Heart / Pat Benatar Tributes

Saturday 8:15 PM

Endorsed by Heart Co-Founder Roger Fisher, Barracuda is an exceptionally authentic tribute to the music of Heart. Lead Singer Donna "Little Ann" Caruk will BLOW YOUR MIND! A spot on tribute to the amazing vocal style that is Pat Benatar!

Aerosmith Rocks

Aerosmith Tribute

Saturday 9:40 PM

AR channels the essence of all that is Aerosmith: Brash, bold musical excitement, smattered with a healthy dose of sex appeal. Their set runs from the Toxic Twins classics right up to present-day smash hits.

Shoot to Thrill

AC/DC Tribute

Saturday 10:50 PM

Portland's "balls to the wall" AC/DC tribute, equal parts Bon and Brian, and ALL of the Angus. If you LOVE AC/DC, you'll LOVE Shoot To Thrill

Maiden NW

Iron Maiden Tribute

Saturday 11:58 PM

No strangers to the Harefest stage (many members have appeared with CRAZY TRAIN), these guys bring every bit of the Up-The-Irons-intensity to the music of a legendary British metal act.

Last Shuttle departs for the Wild Hare

2:00 AM