You’re not the first to ask…


You’re not the first to ask…

Tickets & Seating

How much are tickets and where do I get them?

Tickets and info available at

I lost my tickets. What can I do?

Contact Ticket Tomato Customer Service and they can help! | (800) 820-9884 |

What is the difference between Harefest and Wild Hare Country Festival?

Harefest is a Classic Rock Tribute Band festival in it’s 9th year. Wild Hare Country Festival is a 2nd-year country music festival featuring original Texas Country, Red Dirt and Outlaw Country artists; VERY different music, but both festivals will be a ton of fun! They are connected, though: both are produced by J-Fell Presents and Wild Hare Saloon, and staged at Pat’s Acres Racing Complex in Canby, Oregon.

Can I upgrade my ticket to add more days, overnight, and/or VIP passes?

Yes! You can upgrade tickets in advance (recommend) by contacting Ticket Tomato ( | (800) 820-9884) or at the box office on day of show (subject to availability and restrictions). Single Day passes can’t be upgraded at the event. One would have to purchase the additional ticket at the single-day price.

Is handicapped seating / parking available?

There is no seating at all in general admission, but the concert field is navigable by most wheelchairs and scooters. Our staff is also happy to help folks who need extra assistance getting settled into a good space. ADA parking is available at a great location next to the entrance of the concert area!

What should I do if I don't have a ticket at all?

Excellent question and we’d recommend one of a couple courses of action:

  1. Buy a ticket
  2. Stop by on Saturday for the FREE Harefest Field Stage / Rock N’ Roll Bazaar experience! There’s a beer garden, food carts, shopping and live music from three bands (tributes to FOREIGNER, BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN, and CCR) starting at 11:30am and running until the main gates open. Did we mention that this is all FREE to attend?

Is reserved seating available?

No. The event is all General Admission with no seating. However, you may bring chairs and blankets. (read a little further for more about that….)

Additional Ticket Info

  • VIP passes ARE transferable from one attendee to another.
  • RV Parking must be purchased in advance. The RV Parking fee covers the overnight space only. Concert tickets and overnight wristbands must be purchased separately.
  • VALID ID REQUIRED to obtain tickets and entry into the Festival.

Can I split a Festival Pass between multiple people (one for each day)?

No. Festival pass holders will receive a non-transferable two-day wristband upon entry.

What are the box office hours at the event?

Box Office opens at 11:00am each day.  

What is the policy regarding bringing chairs and blankets into the venue?

Lawn chairs and blankets are allowed in designated areas only. Please be respectful of those who may be sitting behind you with regard to the height of your chair. We prefer (but don’t restrict) low back chairs.

Is there a risk of the event ‘Selling out’?

Yes. Capacity is strictly limited to 3,000 attendees per day. If you want to be guaranteed admission, you will want to buy in advance.

Is Marijuana smoking allowed at Harefest?

The OLCC specifically states that “recreational marijuana cannot be sold or smoked in public“, and that even includes the magical confines of Harefest. Please help us stay on their good side.

Food & Drinks

What types of drinks will be available for purchase?

A variety of drink options including beer, wine, cider, soft drinks, and energy drinks (Liquor available in VIP areas only). Check out the Food & Drink page

What types of food will be available for purchase?

There will be a variety of independent food vendors on site with a wide range of menus. Check out the list here

What are the Saturday morning breakfast options?

Fiesta Food Cart is preparing delicious breakfast items for our overnight attendees on Saturday morning including Breakfast Burritos, Breakfast Bowls, Biscuits & Gravy, Pozole, and Assorted Juices!  The Coffee Bus will be serving organic, handmade espresso drinks. Both options available after 8am, located in the Rock & Roll Bazaar at the Field Stage.

Will there be free water available at Harefest?

YES. You may bring in an EMPTY TRANSPARENT PLASTIC bottle to refill (a free water filling station is inside the venue), or you can purchase sport bottles and commemorative mugs at the event.

Can I bring my own food and drink to the concert?

Outside food or drink are NOT permitted in the concert venue. However, overnight guests (camping and RV’s) may bring outside food and drink for consumption in their campsite or RV, subject to the overnight policies listed here. EMPTY TRANSPARENT PLASTIC water/spray bottles are permitted.

Can I use my credit card to buy food and drink at Harefest?

Credit cards may be used to purchase drink tokens that can be used for all beverages sold through Harefest (beer, wine, liquor, cider, and soft drinks). All the food vendors are independent, each with their own payment options. We expect most to be cash only.

Can I use my drink tokens from Wild Hare Country Festival?


Are there ATM machines at Harefest?


Parking & Camping

What time do the RV sites open?

12:00pm on Friday July 12

What time does the Tent Campground open?

You may start loading into the tent camping area at 1pm on Friday, July 12th

The Harefest Map shows a VIP RV Parking area. How do I get that?

VIP RV spaces are only available to sponsors and event partners. Many companies become sponsors so they can treat their employs to an amazing weekend of music “VIP” Style!  Email us at to inquire about sponsorship opportunities.

Can we reserve RV Parking spaces next to each other?

UPDATE: All RV village spaces (reserved and GA) are SOLD OUT

Can we have two vehicles in an RV space?

No. Only one “engine” per RV space.

Can we reserve tent campsite spaces next to each other?

Campsites cannot be reserved in advance, but you if you want be an advance scout for your camping party and pack in tents for fellow overnight ticket holders, you can claim sites next to each other.

Can I Catch The Shuttle From the Wild Hare Saloon?

There won’t be a shuttle from the Wild Hare Saloon location this year.  Carpooling is highly encouraged! 

Can I Get There By A Ride Service?

Yes! Quite a few people used Lyft, Uber and taxi services last year and we expect the same this year.  The pick up/drop off zone is on the left just as you pull down into the driveway of Pat’s Acres. You will see DROPOFF ZONE signs marking the area.

Will there be carts to shuttle to and from parking/Harefest RV Village?

Kind of. There will be a few carts dedicated to our ADA guests and other folks who need extra help getting around.  We will not have the same fleet size we’ve had in previous years due to safety and liability considerations.  

What time do we need to vacate the camping areas after the event?

All overnight attendees must vacate the property by 10:00am on Sunday July 14.

Can I park a tent trailer in a “tent” campsite?

Only tents are allowed in the tent campsite.

Can I put up a tent in an RV space?

No… with one exception. If the tent is up off the ground (like a ‘tent trailer) then it can be used in an RV site.

Can I park my car next to my tent?

No. Only tents are allowed in the tent campsite. Cars must be parked in the main lot, but you will be able to pull up to tent campsite to unload gear, and there will be vehicles and staff to help transport your camping supplies to your chosen tent spot.

I’m towing a car with my RV. Can I park both in our RV space?

RV reservations are good for “1 motor”. Additional motorized vehicles will need to pay $10/day parking. However, if you have a non-motorized trailer being pulled by a truck, then a separate parking fee is not required. In both cases, you may be asked to “decouple” and park your car or towing vehicle in the main lot at the discretion of the parking staff.

Can I use a gas or propane grill at the campsite or RV spaces?

No. Gas or propane grills are prohibited. Smoking permitted in designated areas only.

Can I use an Electric Pellet Grill, such as a Traeger?

Actually, Yes!

Is overnight parking included in the cost of a Tent Camping reservation?

No. Parking costs $10 per vehicle per night, and carpooling is strongly encouraged! We recommend reserving your parking in advance to ensure you have a space when you arrive.

How many people can stay in an RV or tent?

As many as can safely fit. All overnight guests must an overnight wristband.

Can I sleep overnight in my car in the main GA parking lot?

No. This is not allowed by the property owner.

Can we go in/out of the parking lot without having to pay for parking again?

Overnight attendees may leave and come back to the lot without having to pay again. However, this is all subject to availability… space is not guaranteed when you leave. Check with parking attendant for more info about this.

Why are overnight attendees required to sign a liability waiver?

It’s an insurance and liability issue, and is commonplace at festivals. You can save time by pre-signing the waiver and bring it to the campsite/RV check in. Here’s the link.

General Event Info

What is your audio/video/photo policy?

Take lots of photos and videos, post them online, and tag your friends!  

Does Harefest have any known side Effects?

Harefest has been known to cause euphoria, spontaneous bouts of loud singing, uncontrollable air-guitaring, and strong sense of connection with hundreds of fellow attendees. Harefest has been known to cause index and pinky finger fatigue from throwing up the metal horns.  If you experience a s***-eating grin that lasts past the end of the summer, consult your doctor. They may prescribe another full dose.

What is your firearms policy?

Firearms are strictly prohibited on the festival grounds for the duration of the event.

But what if I have a conceal and carry permit?

Alas, the answer is still no. Pat’s Acres is a private property and firearms are not allowed at this event.

Am I allowed to leave the event and then come back in the same day?

Festival Pass holders have same day re-entry privileges.  Single Day ticket holders do not.

Can I get a one night camping pass and join a group?

There is no special “camping pass” required to spend the night. However, a Festival Pass is required to have re/entry access to the music area during the event.

Can I ‘cool off’ in the river?

No. We have strict instructions from Clackamas County that the river is completely off limits. Anyone who goes in the water will be immediately ejected from the event and campsite w/o refund. This is a really big deal to the powers that be, and we take it seriously…

Will there be phone charging stations at Harefest?

There will be publicly accessible power outlets, but you’ll need your own cable.

Can we bring bubble wands and squirt guns?

Bubbles, yes. Squirt guns, no.

Are animals allowed at Harefest?

NO ANIMALS ARE ALLOWED ANYWHERE ON THE HAREFEST GROUNDS. This includes the music venue, camping, RV Lot, and all other areas. However, licensed service animals are permitted with verified credentials/license.

Is there a #hashtag for Harefest?

Yes indeed! Make sure to tag all your social posts (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) with #harefest9

I sell stuff. Can I sell stuff at Harefest?

Yes, but only in designated areas during designated hours.  We are planning for a vendor area on Saturday July 13.  If you are interested in vending, please contact

Where can I get updates about Harefest?

You can follow Harefest on your favorite social media platforms (,, and you can also sign up for the J-Fell Presents Email, which will provide vital updates closer to the show.

How do I submit my band for consideration to perform?

The 2019 lineup is completed. The submission process for 2020 will be announced sometime in late summer / early fall.