Choose from several overnight options including onsite Tent Camping, RV Parking, Glamping, and local area lodgings.


Choose from several overnight options including onsite Tent Camping, RV Parking, Glamping, and local area lodgings.

General Details

  • OVERNIGHT PASS REQUIRED to access camping/RV area.
  • Overnight Camping area opens on Friday, July 8 (12n for RVs, 1pm for Tent Camp).
  • All campers must sign a liability waiver.
  • All overnight attendees must vacate the property by 10am on Sunday July, 10.
  • All vehicles and bags are subject to search by professional security staff.
  • Security staff, porta-potties, and trash disposal WILL be present.
  • There is a water spigot near tent camping, but potability isn’t guaranteed.
  • No wood fires or open gas flames of any kind allowed.
    (Electric pellet grills/pits ARE allowed)
  • NO DRONES OR AERIAL VEHICLES OF ANY TYPE ARE ALLOWED IN THE OVERNIGHT AREA. If you see one, it’s being flown by an authorized Harefest pilot.
  • The overnight host will have bagged ice for sale
  • Quiet hours: 1:00am – 9:00am
  • No weapons allowed.
  • No illegal drugs allowed.
  • Smoking allowed only in designated areas.
  • No animals allowed (with the exception of service animals).
  • No visible open containers of alcohol allowed in the Campgrounds
    or RV Lot at any time.
  • Please respect the property by not littering!
  • Personal transportation (Bicycles, ATV’s, etc) are strictly prohibited.

Overnight Options

Please read the OVERNIGHT and FAQ sections before purchasing tickets.


The best thing that happens all year. A bucket list must.

Archell M. - Albany, OR

This will be my 5th Harefest and it's one of the best things about summer in Oregon. Outstanding bands, venue and staff.

Julie K. - Portland, OR

Best "bang-for-the-buck" music event anywhere. Never a disappointing moment.

Todd B. - Portland, OR

What I love the very most (besides the incredible music) is how respectful the fans are. Not ONE altercation in 3 years spending a LOT of time up front...is flat incredible.

Michael S. - Milwaukie, OR

Harefest is the only place where people are so approachable and you know ALL the words to the songs. We will be back Harefest and we're bringing the whole family.

Kristie T. - Portland, OR

Want to escape the daily GRIND...feel like you're 10 or 20 years younger? This is your ticket. YA BUDDY!

Brigil B. - Vancouver, WA

An absolute killer weekend party with a fantastic community. Not to miss!

Brent D. - Portland, OR

So. Much. Fun! The music was amazing, food was tasty, beer delicious, and atmosphere was electric. I was nervous about spending the money and camping all weekend but I'm glad I did.

Kelly G. - Tualatin, OR

This is an amazing way to spend a weekend no matter what age you are and camping or RV is the way to go. These bands rock your sox off and leave you wanting more...

Connie S. - Sandy, OR

It was a fabulous weekend of music and memories made with great friends!! Need to change my plans for next summer to attend again- Spain can wait!!

Tammy M. - Electric City, WA

This was our first year and what awesome music! We will definitely keep this our line up for summer events next year. If you haven't been...do it!

Tracey D. - Portland, OR

Amazing. This will be a tradition for sure. Such a great event, wonderful music, friendly staff, and delicious food.

Jen B. - Happy Valley, OR

Tent Camping

The tent camping is located on a grassy tree-lined area suitable for most tents.
All spaces are first come, first serve.

  • CLICK HERE for directions to Tent Camping Load-In entrance.
  • There are no tent / campsite size restrictions, but please be considerate of other campers; use only the space you need.
    You may be asked to consolidate your camping area if you are using more space than is needed.
  • Tent Campers may arrive and set up camp starting at 1:00pm on Friday, July 8
  • Vehicles are not allowed in the tent camping area. Adjacent overnight parking is available
  • Overnight Area Parking is $30 per vehicle (both nights included). Carpooling is encouraged.
  • Overnight policies and information are subject to change.

RV Village (SOLD OUT)

The RV village is 250+ 20′ x 40′ spaces located on a flat, grassy surface suitable for trailers, carnival rides, and other large equipment. It’s not the pasture surface we’ve had previously.

  • CLICK HERE for directions to RV Entrance
  • RV parking reservations must be purchased IN ADVANCE (does NOT include concert tickets)
  • Overnight RV’s may arrive starting at 12:00pm on Friday, July 8.
  • RV hookups are NOT available / Dumping waste is strictly prohibited.
  • Tents are not permitted in the RV Parking Area
  • The RV fee covers ONE engine. Additional vehicles may be parked in the Overnight area ($30  parking fee).
  • If your trailer and the vehicle towing it do not fit on the allotted RV space, you may be asked to move that vehicle to the adjacent overnight area, but no fee will be incurred.
  • Usable space around your RV (chairs, tables, etc.) will be limited to the width of the RV space.
  • Harefest reserves the right to relocate RV spaces for safety and/or logistical reasons.
  • Overnight policies and information are subject to change.

cascadia Glamping (sold out)

The Harefest Glamping Village consists of a group of Bell tents in an exclusive area, creating a fun community of music fans who like to rock out in style!

  • Weather-resistant, spacious (16 ft diameter), FURNISHED Bell Tent in an exclusive area
  • Raised Queen air mattress (option to upgrade to a foam mattress)
  • Bedding (2 pillows, sheets, comforter, throw blanket) | 2 x Chairs | 2 x Lanterns | 2 x End tables | Mirror | Rug / other comfort elements.
  • You will also have access to a cell phone charging station and optional use of a small combination lock to help secure your tent.

*this is an add-on service. Concert tickets, parking, and all other passes must be purchased separately.

Hotels & Lodging

If camping isn’t right for you, there are a variety of other lodging options in the area.